Showing Film Awards is a International Shortcuts and Spots contest, directed to youngsters from 17 to 25 years old, organized by Showing Foundation and Centro Universitario Villanueva. This initiative wants to foster universal human values among the youngsters trough the audiovisual language. That been said is why in every edition of the contest we try to challenge the future young promises in cinema to create a shortcut based on universal human values as silence, forgiveness, peace or loyalty.

Throughout the editions of the contest, young students from 60 universities from 25 countries of the world have participated. Each year more than 10.000 US dollars are granted as prices during in a gala held in a cultural landmark of Madrid, a gala that every year is attended by more than 900 persons; among whom we can find celebrities of the showcase world. Many institutions now believe in this project and show their support and collaborate with it.

Showing Foundation is born in 2012 with the purpose of promote universal values among youngsters, values that contribute to enrich persons and humanize society.